Facebook Messenger

Facebook 手機即時通──快如迅雷的通訊方式。
Facebook 手機即時通可讓你快速發送消息給朋友。你可以通過 Facebook 手機即時通,與任何朋友或你的手機連絡人互相傳送訊息,接收朋友的消息。iPhone、Android 以及 Blackberry 均可下載使用 Facebook 手機即時通。
Facebook 手機即時通協助你:
• 即時發送消息給也使用 Facebook 手機即時通的朋友
• 與 Facebook 線上的朋友聊天
• 提供來電消息免費的推播通知
• 在每則消息上可附加相片和座標地點
• 可以跨平台查看訊息,已發送或已收到的訊息在手機即時通以及 Facebook 網站上都看得到
• 改採簡訊發送消息至尚未使用 Facebook 手機即時通的朋友
• 建立群聊對話,方便與朋友即時討論,安排計畫
• 隨時可將朋友加入群聊對話
• 針對每則對話設置來訊通知提醒

Facebook Messenger is a faster way to send mobile messages to friends. With Messenger, you can send and receive messages with any of your friends around the world or anyone in your mobile contacts list. Messenger is available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Messenger lets you:

• Send messages instantly to other friends who have Messenger
• Chat with friends who are on Facebook
• Get free push notifications for incoming messages
• Add location and photos to messages
• Reach friends via text message if they don't have Messenger yet
• Access sent and received messages on both Messenger and Facebook
• Create group conversations for making plans on the go
• Add more friends to group conversations at any time
• Control alert and location settings for each conversation

Note: Sending to phone numbers is not available in all countries.