Heroes Fight

Great MMO-PVP game for Android.
“英雄使命”後,又另一個 PVP的遊戲,為您成為最勇猛的人!!
- 為 Android!
- 大型多人在線遊戲!
- 二戰鬥模式:戰鬥和捕捉!
- 100個強大的設備得到的,4個級別!
- 邀請朋友得到珍惜,感到非常驚訝,。
- 享受與你的朋友的英雄故事。
- 華麗的圖形,比imobster,黑手黨戰爭和犯罪的城市
- 豐富的PVP技能
- 談吐幽默
- 從任務收集的資金,爭取戰勝魔鬼
- 贏得了決鬥,以獲得更多的寶石,使你可以買消耗品。
- 訪問您的朋友和評論他們的個人資料
- 參與日常的社區競賽,並獲得強大的的獎勵

Now, it's game time again, you can be the hero you want in this game, more funny, more awesome!!!
After 《Duty of Heroes》, there have another PVP-Game for you, become the toughest man!!!

You will find it will be more beautiful than our former games.

But most features are still familiar to you.

Rise through the ranks of the servant! To be a brave hero, you need to protect your city by doing jobs, fighting other players and defeating the devils!

Lots of Awesome Features!

- Just for the Android!

- Massively Multiplayer Online Game!

- Two fight model: Fight and Capture!

- 100+ Powerful Equipments to get, 4 levels!

- Invite friends to get treasure, a great surprise.

- Enjoy a hero story with your friends.

- Gorgeous graphics, more than imobster, mafia wars and crime city

- Plentiful PVP skills

- Humorous conversation

- Collect money from quests and fight to defeat the devil

- Win the duel to get more gems which make you could buy consumables.

- Visit your friends and Comment on their profiles

- Participate in daily community contests and earn powerful rewards