In great demand photo booth app! Let's to do a photograph funnily and pretty!!
Phoppy is a popular application of photo printing club.
You can take your photos by popping a shutter, decorate them snappily with easy operation, and share them with your friends easily.
■There are infinite kinds of stamps!
cute ones like hearts, amusing ones like mustaches!
You can also use your favorite stamps from the Internet!!
■There are a lot of filters and frames☆
You can apply effects such as sepia, and make your close up face beautifully white, ever changing!
If you strike a pose, you can make the photo in the cover of a fashion magazine!!
■ You can do drawing too!
Select a color and touch your picture. you can freely draw on it!
You can use cute fonts when you write a text!
Decorate your picture, then upload it easily.
You can share your picture in SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, mixi,Flickr, or Tumblr.
Of course, you can make comment and "Good!" on the friends photo.
You can get up to mischief and putting toppings for pretty!