超級坦克大戰是對廣受歡迎並贏得世界各地成千上萬遊戲迷喜愛的戰爭遊戲坦克大戰從頭至尾的完全改造。現在,此遊戲風靡Windows 和Macintosh 平台,它擁有55 個新關卡、八種坦克和裝甲車、令人震撼的視覺效果和絕妙的音樂。
◇ 一流的 3D 視覺效果和數碼音效
◇ 55 個令人驚嘆的遊戲關卡和令人上癮的遊戲玩法
◇ 30 種地形、四個季節;白天、夜晚和暮光效果
◇ 新坦克、火箭發射器和碉堡
◇ 單玩家和雙玩家合作模式

Tank-O-Box is a complete, top-to-bottom remake of the massively popular war game, Battle City, which won the hearts and minds of thousands of fans around the world. Now, the game is storming Android with 55 new levels, eight types of tanks and armored vehicles, high-impact graphics and terrific audio.
Tank-O-Box places you at a once-polished writing desk which has morphed into harsh terrain across which numerous natural and artificial obstacles are scattered. Slowly crawling between crayons and office stationary are enemy tanks and rocket launchers with one goal in mind – bomb the Allied headquarters back to the Stone Age. Your allies are counting on you. You are the hero who must stop the enemy and send him scurrying in retreat.

◇ Outstanding 3D graphics and digital sound effects
◇ 55 awe-inspiring game levels with addictive gameplay
◇ 30 types of terrain, four seasons; daylight, night and twilight effects
◇ New tanks, rocket launchers and pillboxes
◇ Single-player and two-player cooperative modes

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