Biomechanical Bog Free

生物力學動態壁紙與鬼火,雨和霧沼澤 - 片大!
生活與生物力學沼澤的壁紙,將南瓜鬼火,酸雨和霧!生物力學樹位於一片沉思的氣氛,而俏皮的縷縷顯露出來,然後隱藏霧和雨之中。縷縷湧向你的手指,當你觸摸屏幕。對於球迷恐怖,外來技術,沼澤,黑暗的氣氛,和我們的頭骨壁紙。實現 OpenGL的效率,優化蜂窩片,並提供一個 CPU /電池節能設置。

Live Wallpaper with a Biomechanical Bog, Will-o'-the-Wisps, ACiD Rain, and Mist! A biomechanical tree sits amidst a brooding atmosphere while playful wisps reveal themselves and then hide amongst the mist and rain. The wisps flock to your finger when you touch the screen. For fans of horror, alien technology, swamps, dark atmospheres, and our skull wallpapers. Implemented with OpenGL for efficiency, optimized for Honeycomb Tablets, and A CPU/Battery saving setting is provided.

Check out the full version for 4 background themes, wisp colors, rain customization, swipe gestures and more!

A collaboration featuring the artwork of artist Cat Spencer.