Space isn’t big enough for this much fun!
Take part in the comical escapades of a cold-war superpower’s attempt at galactic domination! Or challenge your friends to epic space battles featuring unique spaceships and devastating weapons!
Please know that your satisfaction is the most important thing to us! We want to insure you are having the best experience possible while playing Cosmonauts. If you encounter any issues, please let us know by emailing You can also take a look at our known issues section below. Thanks for playing!
Key features of Cosmonauts include:
- Single-Player Campaign and Multiplayer Modes
- Turn-based Space Combat
- Collectible Items
- Free to Download

Known Issues:
- Google's latest Market application version has been known to lock people out of making purchases. We appreciate your patience while they work to fix this issue.
- Some handsets might have issues with Google Checkout purchases. Purchases may be slow and be prone to being lost if the user backs out of the payment screen too soon, so please wait until the purchase completes. Google has acknowledged this problem and is working on it. If you do not receive your virtual goods, please send an email with your order number to
- If you get a force close when trying to purchase with Google Checkout, make sure you have agreed to the terms of the Market application and try again. The Market application needs to be initialized.
- Sometimes the app fails to install properly. We're unsure why as we have no control over the app installation process. This results in the app not opening or not being able to save your game. Uninstalling and reinstalling is the only workaround.
- If you are experiencing other issues, please email us at Include your phone model in the email - we'll do our best to help!