Critter Rollers

Jump, Roll and Blast yourself through strange new worlds!
Prepare to blast off into adventure as you jump, roll and blast yourself through strange new worlds!
** 20 massive levels for FREE**
"One brilliantly engaging Android title" -
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Critter Rollers is a platform adventure game controlled by tapping the screen, no fustrating virtual D-Pads, cumbersome tilting or fiddly buttons - just a single tap anywhere on the screen will see your critter nimbly jump or fire from a cannon.
The free download contains the first 20 exciting levels over 2 planets, try for the best times to earn medals and search high and low for hidden treats. Buy extra levels for spare change or become a Critter VIP for all future updates free of charge. Critter Rollers is also fully Ad free for optimum enjoyment.
Each planet contains different graphicical styles and themes as well as extra gameplay features such as tricky moving cannons and perilous springs to keep you entertained.
Critter Rollers is designed for mid to high end devices of all screen sizes but looks especially fantastic on the latest Honeycomb Android tablets (The Critters are really sorry if it doesn't work on older devices, please don't hold it against them).
Now fully Xperia Play Optimised for the best controls around.
Critter Rollers is like Sonic the Hedgehog and Donkey Kong Country met up with Club Penguin Puffle Launch and Rick O'Shea for a great time, so stop Clowning Around, Roll in the Hole and download now. The Critters need your help today so be an Early Bird, jump on board and grab those tasty treats!
Background service is for in-app purchasing. Critter Rollers acesses none of your personal information. Always check the permissions.
If you have any problems with Critter Rollers then please email us on the address below, the Critters are a friendly bunch and would love to hear from you. Xperia Play Optimized.