Magical Magic

此應用程序是一個很好的的老式側滾動射手。操作的玩家,或即將發生的克敵制勝的巫婆,同時避免或,甚至巫婆將通電,老闆正在等待挑Mimashou階段結束。此外,每個階段的成績,你可以創建一個總得分排名。瞄準排名第一的運氣! ※詳細的遊戲規則,在標題畫面的“幫助”,請參閱。 ※相應的Andr​​oid OS 2.1或更高。

This application is a good old-fashioned side scrolling shooter.
Operating the witch of the player character, or impending defeat the enemy, while avoiding or, or even the witch will be powered up, the boss is waiting 挑Mimashou the end of the stage.
In addition, scores for each stage, you can create a total score ranking. Aim for the top ranking luck!
※ Details of the rules of the game, the title screen "Help", please see the.

※ The corresponding android OS 2.1 or higher.