PicsArt - Photo Studio

安裝 PicsArt,所有在一個圖片編輯器!
圖片編輯器(原PHOTOID) - 噸的照片效果,藝術濾鏡,框架,貼紙,文字特效,剪貼畫圖形,過濾器,裁剪,旋轉,調整顏色,添加藝術效果。
繪畫(以前AnDrawing) - 許多繪製效果,繪製貼紙模式,標註,藝術畫筆和文字樣式!畫上你的Facebook朋友的照片,並與世界分享您的作品!
共享 - 迅速分享與家人和朋友在PicsArt社交網絡或通過發布 /上傳照片的Flickr,Facebook的牆,Picasa時,Dropbox的,Fouresquare,Tumblr,Blogger和Wordpress的或發送短信和電子郵件的照片。
相機 - 讓您enhansing標準相機拍照和應用各種效果。
動態壁紙 - 享受雨後春筍般有趣的彩色線條。
更好的衝浪經驗是什麼 PicsArt網絡出版網站 - 訪問。

PicsArt combines the best features of many photo applications it is one of best and most complete photo editors available for free in the market for Android devices.

Picture editor - Tons of photo filters, collage, frames, stickers, text effects, clipart graphics, crop, rotate, adjust color and add artistic effects.

Magic effects - awesome artistic photo effects such as Stenciler, Cartoonizer, Sketcher, Orton, Lomo, Vintage, Cross Process, HDR, Fattal, Pencil, Holgaart, Watercolor, Sketcher, Contours, Comic, Neon, Gouache, Old Paper, Pastel and more!

Draw - Many drawing effects, draw sticker mode, callouts, Artistic brushes and text styles! Draw on your Facebook friend's photos and share your artwork with World!

Sharing - quickly share with family and friends in PicsArt social network or by posting / uploading photos on Facebook wall, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Fouresquare, Tumblr, Blogger and Wordpress or send photos by SMS and email.

Network - based on PicsIn network, one of the most popular mobile picture sharing networks.

Camera - enables you to take a picture and apply various effects by enhancing standard Camera.

Live Wallpaper - enjoy springing funny color lines.

Site - visit for better surfing experience of what is published in PicsArt network.

Supported Languages - English, Japanese, German, Chinese, Polish, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian

PicsArt based on technology of several former apps such as "PicsIn Photo Studio", Photoid, AnDrawing, "Magic Effects" etc.