Space Soldier

使用的屏障,相當不錯,以反映敵人的子彈和摧毀他們。你摧毀更多的敵人,你會得到更多的分數! - 規則 - ·當您移動向右或獲得項目的方式,將在,基本分數將被補充說,當你摧毀敵人,你可以得到BOURNS分數。 ·您可以使用的屏障,以反映敵人的子彈。 ·您可以摧毀反映子彈,你的敵人。 ·當你的項目,將收回的時間計。 (時間片的回收量因項目而異。) ·你的子彈的力量將成為強大的整個三個步驟。子彈會得到更大的一步一步,最後一個將忽略敵人,即使它擊中敵人。 ·當你的敵人,它的子彈擊中,你的時間計會少一些。 ·當時間計消失了,遊戲結束。 ·在故事模式中,你可以玩只是一個階段。 (老闆時,將出現達到每個階段的最後一部分。) ·在無盡的模式,你可以去到你的遊戲結束了連續階段。你可以註冊你的分數,當你的遊戲結束。

Use the barrier fairly well to reflect enemies' bullets and destroy them.
The more enemies you destroy, the more scores you'll get!
― rule ―
・When you move rightward or get items that will be in the ways, basic scores will be added, and when you destroy enemies, you can get bourns scores.
・You can use barrier to reflect enemies bullets.
・You can destroy enemies with reflected bullets that you do.
・When you take items, the time gauge will be recovered. (Amount of the time gage recovered varies depending on items.)
・The power of your bullet will become strong throughout three steps. The bullet will get bigger step by step, and the last one will ignore enemies even though it hit enemies.
・When you hit enemies and its bullets, your time gauge will be less.
・When the time gauge is gone, the game is over.
・in the story mode, you can play just one stage. (The bosses will appear when you reach the last part of each stages.)
・In the endless mode, you can go to stages in a row till your game is over. You can register your score when your game is end.