TuneWiki - 與歌詞

在任何語言的唯一的音樂播放器,你可以在那裡,分享和談論的歌詞和音樂同步的歌詞的音樂播放器。 *同步歌詞聽任何音樂與你的朋友網絡你喜愛的歌曲*分享歌詞 *即時翻譯成40歌詞 +語言 *是什麼這首歌什麼意思?評論和討論的歌詞和歌曲的含義 * SongID與歌詞同步*探索新的音樂在你的SongBox - 正在播放的歌曲和你的朋友推薦免費的,無限制探索歌地圖和實時的熱門圖表發現流行歌曲附近和世界各地的創建,管理和編輯播放列表*查看和編輯藝術家,專輯和歌曲的詳細標籤信息*支持安裝到SD卡。請注意,由於 Android操作系統內的限制,部件將被禁用時,應用程序是在SD卡上。

The only music player where you can get, share and talk about lyrics and music.

* Listen to any music with synced lyrics
* Share lyrics from your favorite songs with your network of friends
* Get lyrics instantly translated into 40+ languages
* What does that song mean? Comment on and discuss the meaning of lyrics and songs
* Free, unlimited SongID with synced lyrics
* Discover new music in your SongBox – songs that are being played and recommended by your friends
* Explore Song Maps and real-time Top Charts to discover popular songs nearby and around the world
* Create, manage, and edit playlists
* View and edit detailed tag info for artists, albums and songs
* Supports installation to SD card. Please note that due to restrictions within the Android OS, the widget will be disabled when the app is on the SD card.
*Verizon users, please contact ideas@tunewiki to share your feedback with us vs. writing reviews here so we can discuss.