BEA 東亞銀行

東亞銀行應用程式讓客戶享用全面的銀行服務,包括賬戶查詢、轉賬、繳付賬單、捐款、申請旅遊保險、買賣股票及黃金等,靈活方便。此外,應用程式更提供東亞銀行信用卡的最新推廣、演唱會優惠及餐飲及購物全年優惠,讓用戶可隨時隨地掌握最新消費情報 。用戶亦可透過應用程式獲取東亞銀行信用卡「好用錢」計劃的最新資訊,並可即時申請。

BEA application conveniently bundles banking and financial services. Services include balance enquiry, fund transfer, bill payment, donation, travel insurance application, stock and gold trading, and more. The new application also provides the latest promotions, concert offers and year-round dining and shopping offers on BEA Credit Card, helping users to find the best deals anytime, anywhere. Users can also obtain the latest information on BEA Credit Card’s Cash in Hand programmes and make instant applications.