Cannon Legend

- 3個獨一無二的世界——每個世界都有它獨特的主題。你將在每個世界裡得到完全不同的體驗。
- 4個魔法能量石——在擊敗強大BOSS之後,你將得到一個能量石。裝備能量石之後,你將獲得新的強大力量。
- 天賦系統——12個天賦升級選項讓你升級你的大砲。
- 生存模式——每關打通之後都能解鎖這個場景的生存模式。
- 完全的帶動畫的3D人物

A first person perspective defense game with a neat fantasy twist.

Millions of villages have been destroyed. People are plunged into misery and suffering. The Scourge sent their evil army attempts to destroy the world.

Fortunately, our wise ancestors made a powful cannon to fight against the evil force. Now, You, our new hero. It’s your time to save our motherland and create a new legend.

- 3 Unique Worlds – Each world has it’s own theme. You will have a totally different experience in each world.

- 4 Unique Magic Stones – You will get a magic stone when you defeat a powful boss. Each Magic Stone has it’s own magic power. You can equip it on your cannon and refine your power to a high degree.

- Talent System – More than ten properties you can upgrade to make your cannon more powful.

- Great Replay Value – Unlock survival mode for each campaign mission accomplished.

- Fully Animated 3d Characters