Odd One Out: Candytilt

168 gumballs for price of one! Start rolling out yours today!
Nobody likes vanilla, and some extra work may be in order to get the tasty ones. If you're going to pay for the gumballs, at least get the ones you want.
The world of Odd One Out: Candytilt twists and turns every time you add or remove ground due to the centre of mass shifting - creating pathways or blocking existing ones will shift the balance which you either have to correct, or take advantage of. Just touch the screen and get things rolling.
Odd One Out: Candytilt is physics based puzzle game where you empty gum ball machines.
Puzzles in Odd One Out: Candytilt are solved by adding or removing ground to create pathways for the gum balls. The levels rotate based on where you place the ground - try to keep the balance or just bring the whole mess around and let gravity sort the gum balls out. Rotating blades, bubbles, ropes and other objects either aid or hinder you in your attempts to get the odd one out and make every level different.
Level completions are ranked with one to three stars. Getting 3 stars from each of the 168 levels is quite a challenge.
Odd One Out: Candytilt also supports OpenFeint achievements (OF requires the used permissions).