• one2free 讓你透過Android 流動裝置 體驗全新流動電話服務。one2free Service App為客戶提供最方便途徑,隨時隨地查閱及處理你的流動電話賬戶及服務計劃。
• 個人化設定,獨特客戶服務體驗
• 查閱話音、短訊、流動數據使用量及預設用量提示
• 查閱賬戶結餘
• 繳付賬單
• 選用漫游數據服務計劃及漫游提示
• 「自由賞」會員優惠
• mynet設定
• Android流動裝置及增值服務實用指南
• 搜尋及聯絡就近之one2free專門店

A personalised service app allows you to stay in control of your personal mobile usage with up to date information from one2free.

• one2free brings you a new mobile experience with your Android device. With the latest information 24/7, the one2free Service App offers you instant access to the services you need and a convenient way to check your account and service plan information.

Key Features
• Unique and personalised customer experience
• Access voice, SMS and data usage and set usage alert
• Access account balance
• Bill payments
• Joining of Roaming Data Package and Roaming Tips
• oneRewards Member Privileges
• Manage mynet settings
• User friendly guide for Android device and value added services
• Locate and contact the nearest one2free shop
And many more……