Swing, stretch, smash, and grab your way up a giant tree!
"Swingworm is a solid game that’s definitely worth checking out." -android-apps.com
Meet Swingy, the brave hero of this swinging tale. It is spring in the Whispering Woods and like all other Swingworms of his age, Swingy wants to climb highest tree in the forest - The tree that reaches all the way up to the Moon. The only thing standing in the way is the berry-hoarding Big Bug and his countless spiky minions...
Controlling Swingworm is a one-of-a-kind experience. His head and tail will tenaciously grab surfaces and his stretchy, rubbery body allows him to reach far longer than it seems. It's a race against time as Swingy tries to gather all Rubbaberries to pay the Big Bug for an elevator ride further up the tree.
• Exciting, intuititive, and simply fun to play
• Revolutionary "worm physics"
• Funny and lively art
• Bouncy soundtrack
• Dozens of levels
• Three different environments
• Stinging, rotating, and swinging obstacles