TapTap Piñata!

TapTap until the candies fall down!!
TapTap Piñata is an interactive game where you can choose between
different piñatas to break. By breaking the piñata the fun begins,
from the Piñata's inside will come out thousands of candies, try to
get all of them but watch out for falling pieces of Piñata.
This game has an amazing art and is truly dynamic, the game mechanic
makes this game a must!
This game is inspired in the Mexican's piñatas.
What is a piñata?
A piñata is a papier-mâché or other type of container that is
decorated, filled with candy and then broken as part of a ceremony or
Why and when are piñatas broken?
Piñatas remain most popular during Las Posadas (9 day celebration from
December 16th to December 24th, on evenings) with birthday parties
coming in second. Each participant, usually a child, will have a turn
at hitting the piñata, which is hung from above on a string. The
participant is blindfolded, given a wooden stick and then spun a
number of times. As the participants works to hit the piñata, another
moves it to make it harder to hit. There is a time limit to any one
person's attempts, which is marked out by the singing of a traditional
TapTap until the candies fall down!!