Towngas 煤氣公司

- 食譜: 想要煮出新鮮感? 我們為您提供超過1,000款免費食譜,包括各式中西美食、靚湯、甜品、點心等,煮出新意無難度! 只需選擇所需食材,再發短訊至您的手機,方便購物清單便可即時到手!
- 煤氣網上服務:報讀煤氣錶度數更方便簡單,您亦可透過推播訊息獲取煤氣賬單通知、煤氣報錶提示服務以及最新優惠資訊。
- 低碳Action!:為您提供一系列的低碳生活貼士,您亦可利用個人日誌跟進您的減碳進度。
- 拍照: 快來跟小伙子及馬仔一起拍照, 學習綠色生活小胋士!

By the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

At Towngas, we aim to provide you with total-solution gas services. With our Towngas app, use your Android phone to enjoy even greater convenience and more benefits.

Our Towngas app features:

- Recipes: Looking for new ideas for your daily meals? With over 1,000 FREE recipes from both Chinese and Western cuisines, soups, desserts, dim sum and more, you'll never be short of ideas again! Just SMS your chosen ingredients to your mobile phone and you'll have a ready-made shopping list!

- Towngas eServices : Report meter readings easily – no fuss, no bother. We also provide meter reading reminder service. You can also get push alerts once your ebills have been delivered and new special offers are available.

- Low Carbon Action! : Get a wide range of green tips. Use the diary to keep track of your low carbon actions!

- Photo Frame: Take photo with "Towngas Boy" and Maggiemarket! Let's learn how to live GREEN!