Worldictionary Free - 學習外語的利器

免key-in輸入、免拍照存檔,直接透過手機鏡頭就能看到任何文字的翻譯結果,讓 Android 手機成為您即視即譯的隨身翻譯工具,出國在外也不需擔心。
1. 直覺化的「即視即譯」功能,只要將手機鏡頭對準需要翻譯的文字,就能直接看到線上翻譯結果
2. 支援繁中/簡中、英文、日本、韓文、法文、德文、義大利文、西班牙文、葡萄牙文、荷蘭文、瑞典文、芬蘭文、丹麥文與挪威文等多國語系影像辨識功能,無須輸入就能進行查詢
3. 針對大量文字資訊或需要詳細了解該文字的使用方式,也可透過手機鏡頭拍攝,逐字點選即可線上查詢
4. 支援其他影像來源,只要有影像就能進行免key-in的快速翻譯
5. 自動儲存查詢紀錄,或是自建常用詞庫,大幅節省時間
6. 提供Google/Wikipedia/Youtube 搜尋功能
7. 提供連續兩個字(詞)的翻譯功能
8. 提供15種語系發音功能

A smart tool for learning foreign languages. Point your phone's camera at any word and Worldictionary will instantly define and translate it. No need to manually type words or take pictures. This app will be your indispensable travel tool primed to give you translation on-the-go.

1. The instant "View and Translate" feature allows you to get instant translation simply by pointing your phone's camera at a word you want to look up.
2. Worldictionary recognizes and translates 15 languages, ranging from: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, and Norwegian. No need to type any words to look it up!
3. To proceed with looking up additional words or knowing more about the usage of particular words, you can first snap a picture of the text and then point the word you want to look up in focus one by one.
4. Optionally, you can select an image from your phone to get the translation immediately without typing words in.
5. Worldictionary automatically saves your search records. You can even build your own word database to increase translation efficiency.
6. Provide Google/Wikipedia/YouTube Search
7. Provide translation of phrases.
8. Support audio pronunciation for 15 languages.