Aiming Master

[Aiming Master: Archery]
Now, you can be a master of archery!!
Forget about all the other archery games, and be the archery whiz with Aiming Master.
You can check how well you’re doing based on the total ranking, and compete with your Facebook friends.
★Interesting manual control using fingers to go up & down and left & right
★Fantastic feeling like shooting a real arrow
★Exciting feeling of hitting the target
★Update your ranking and compete with friends on Facebook at the same time!
Give a nickname to cute characters on your own.
Aiming Master consists of 3 rounds with different distances from the target and backgrounds.
Shoot an arrow considering wind direction and strength. Practice will make you the master of archery!
If you want to check your ranking, you can play a game in ranking mode.
When you opt for link with Facebook, your ranking will be automatically posted on it and you will get to know the ranks of your friends as well.
1. Practice mode
1st round: shooting an arrow at 10m from the target with the background of forest
2nd round: shooting an arrow at 15m from the target with the background of snowy fields
3rd round: shooting an arrow at 30m from the target with the background of universe!
5 arrows are given per one round.
After shooting 5 arrows, your score will be shown.
You think just shooting an arrow sounds boring?
It won’t be that easy because you have to consider wind direction and strength on above right.
2. Ranking mode
Enjoy the game in the same way of practice mode and you can check your ranking on final score.
You can be the real master of archery when playing in ranking mode!
3. Challenging mode
Challenging mode is about accomplishing missions, and will be updated soon.
*New contents will be added through continuous update.
Nickname change
Option for link to Facebook
Ranking check