Chule Wants A Cookie

" Chule想要一塊餅乾"是一個遊戲, 在這個遊戲中你會幫助一個名叫Chule的牧羊犬去尋找所有動物並將他們領到農場去.如果你能在短時間能將動物領到農場, Chule會得到一塊餅乾作為獎勵.
每三個月,我會製作一個共有20級的新世界,裡面有新的生物和新的故事 !
我希望這個遊戲會讓你的一天生活更加有趣, 如果有任何建議,請寫郵件給我.

Is the cutest farm game!
Solve the puzzles by aiming and throwing Chule, he will roll, smile and pick animals up until he reaches home!

watch out for the cookie timer! Managing to beat it gets you a cookie (yay!)

Currently It's available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, more coming soon!

new worlds with 20 new puzzles containing new creatures and scenarios, released often! ^^ check out the website for updates

Dev Blog and free goodies (paper toys and other cools stuff ) at

thanks and I hope you like it! :D