Cordy Sky

歡迎使用由SilverTree Media 為您呈獻的Cordy Sky,SilverTree Media 是最搶手的遊戲Cordy 和Sleepy Jack 的幕後團隊!
在他通過太空的旅途中, Cordy墜毀降落在一個神秘的天空行星上!在那裡,他遇到一個名為Volt 的盤旋機器人,它已被困在那裡多年。幫助他們重新為空中的巨大飛船加油,並繼續他們前往尚未被發現的行星的旅程!
在這無與倫比的掌上游戲機質量的三維遊戲中,引導Cordy 通過令人難以置信的彈簧、彈跳器、發射器,漂浮光束和其它障礙。現在就下載,看看等待著Cordy的是什麼世界…另一次奇幻的Cordy冒險!
• 適合所有年齡。本遊戲適合每一個人玩耍!
• 新朋友VOLT登場。在旅途中幫助 Cordy !
• 無盡的遊戲時間。在玩完故事模式後,繼續無限模式。你可以跳多高?
• 免費試玩,確定喜歡再購買。您能通過程序內計費來購買整個遊戲。可在遊戲的設置菜單中禁用本功能。
• 酷炫的成果。贏得各式各樣的徽章。您是否具備成為無敵大師的條件?
• 嘗試“CORDY”遊戲吧! 2011年名列前10名的最佳遊戲之一- 紐約時代周刊。美國、加拿大、中國、德國、法國,西班牙和許多其它國家的第一應用程序!獲得安卓的"Editor's Choice"、"St​​aff Pick"和"Best Arcade & Action" 的評價。
• 想要更多類似的遊戲嗎?玩 SLEEPY JACK! ! E3 的前10名、Pocket Gamer 本週最佳遊戲:“可愛的高素質動作演示和充實的遊戲內容...也是非常酷的街機遊戲”、Kotaku: “這是一種激發幸福的體驗,你希望和每個人分享” 。
• 8種語言。支持西班牙語、法語、德語、意大利語、俄語、韓語、中文和日文。在你的手機設置菜單中選擇一種。
• 在上“喜歡”Cordy
• 各位玩家,我們非常重視您寶貴的意見!雖然我們是一家小公司,但是我們會回复每一個援助請求。請將您的疑問或意見發送郵件到。如果這問題並非我們所能控製或改進,我們會盡快通知您並盡最大努力幫助您!

Welcome to Cordy Sky, brought to you by SilverTree Media, the team behind the #1 hit games Cordy and Sleepy Jack!

On his journey through space, Cordy has crash landed on a mysterious sky planet! There he meets a hovering robot named Volt who has been stranded there for many years. Help the two of them refuel the great rocket in the sky, and continue their journey toward undiscovered planets!

Guide Cordy through incredible springs, bumpers, launchers, hover beams, and more in this amazing console-quality 3D game. Download now, and see what the world has been waiting for...another fantastic Cordy adventure! "

• FOR ALL AGES. This game is great for everyone to pick up and play!

• INTRODUCING VOLT. Meet the new friend, who gives Cordy a lift!

• NEVERENDING GAMEPLAY. After you finish Story mode, play Infinity mode. How high can you go?

• PLAY FREE BEFORE YOU BUY. Try the game so you can be sure you like it. You can buy the full game via In-App Billing. This feature can be disabled in the game's Settings menu.

• COOL ACHIEVEMENTS. Earn badges for style. Do you have what it takes to become Supreme Sensei?

• TRY THE ORIGINAL "CORDY" GAME, TOO! One of the Top 10 best games of 2011 -The New York Times. #1 app in the United States, Canada, China, Germany, France, Spain, and many more! Featured "Editor's Choice", "Staff Pick", and "Best Arcade & Action" by Android.

• WANT MORE GAMES LIKE THIS? Play SLEEPY JACK! Top 10 Best of E3: "Adorable Psychonauts-esque presentation and solid gameplay...that is also tight and arcadey" -Pocket Gamer BEST APP OF THE WEEK: "It's the sort of happiness-inducing experience that you want to share with everyone." -Kotaku

• 8 LANGUAGES. Supports Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Pick one of these in your phone's Settings menu.

• 'LIKE' Cordy at & follow SilverTree on Twitter @silvertreemedia

• PLAYERS, WE READ EVERY E-MAIL. We're a small company, but we reply to every support request. Let us try to help at If the issue is something we have no control over, we'll let you know. We will do our best to help in any way!