Delicious Village

Build various restaurants!
In Delicious Village, you experience creating your own village from the ground up. Build your own restaurant to serve international cuisines from around the world using fresh ingredients straight from your farms. Give boost to your village economy and turn your rural nowhere into a world famous delicious village!
* Collecting Ingredients
You need fresh ingredients before cooking a delicious dish.
Plant crops, feed animals and catch fish to gather ingredients.
* Serving Dishes
After you gathered enough ingredients, open up a restaurant to start serving dishes. Customers are happy when their tummies are filled, and you also gain popularity.
* Getting new recipes
You obtain new recipes by completing quests. Now let's get busy to hunt for more recipes.
* Building more restaurants
As you level up, you can set up a variety of restaurants such as French and Italian. Build more restaurants to spice up your village.
* Decorating Your Village
Income from your restaurants can be spent on decoration items. Decorate your village, and customers will tip you more! You may find your favorite decorations from hundreds of items stocked in the market. Add some sparkle and glitz to everything you touch.
* Interacting With Your Friends
Visit your friends' restaurants, help them complete quests and send gifts to each other. Enjoy collaborating & interacting with your friends.