GPS Widget

Auto translated (english version below):
這個小工具只顯示您的當前位置號碼。經度和緯度收到從 GPS定位供應商或從網絡中的位置供應商,如果GPS不可用。
從開放 Mapquest服務 API,它在更精確的結果產量比接收GPS海拔高度是質疑。因此,這個小部件也有趣的遠足。
鎖定功能(可以鎖定一些好人緣 ;-)):
Ø不同的位置,格式支持(十進制度,通用橫軸墨卡托(UTM),... ...)
注2:這是沒有 GPS切換部件。您無法打開和關閉 GPS。您只需獲得有關您當前所在位置的明確信息。
要添加部件記者:首頁 - >菜單 - >添加 - >小部件 - >全球定位系統部件
o網絡通訊:海拔高度查詢,通過 TapJoy捐贈
O存儲 *:通過 TapJoy捐贈
Ø電話 *:通過 TapJoy捐贈
(*)你不想接受這些權限?沒有選擇捐贈的“全球定位系統部件臨” - >沒有“存儲”和“電話”的權限是必需的。

This widget simply shows your current location in numbers. Latitude and Longitude are received from the GPS location provider or from the network location provider if GPS is not available.
The altitude is queried from open MapQuest API which yields in a more accurate result than receiving the altitude by GPS. So this widget is also interesting for hiking.
o Display your current location in numbers
o Additional information (Street, City)
o Shows your altitude with high accuracy
Locked features (can be unlocked with some Good Karma ;-)):
o Share your location with friends via SMS, Email, etc.
o Different location formats are supported (Decimal Degrees, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), ...)
Note 1: To save battery power you should switch off the widget when you do not need it. You can force the widget to switch off automatically after some time in the settings.
Note 2: This is no GPS toggle widget. You can not turn on and off GPS. You simply get clear information about your current location.
To add widget press: Home->Menu->Add->Widgets->GPS Widget
If you like the widget, I would be glad if you donate (its free for you) and earn some Good Karma Points in the settings view!
The widget needs the following permissions because:
o Your location: it's obvious ;-)
o Network communication: query altitude, donation via TapJoy
o Storage*: donation via TapJoy
o Phone calls*: donation via TapJoy
(*) You don't want to accept these permissions? Get "GPS Widget Pro" without the option to donate -> no "Storage" and "Phone calls" permission is required.