Magic Pen Lite

Magic Pen is not a strange game for most of people who love solving puzzle games yet the first Android version of the well-known namesake presented as Flash game in BubbleBox’s website from 2005.
From the first sight until getting addicted, Magic Pen will brush away sorrow and worries of your real life by bringing you back to your childhood with full of playful and innocent drawing. Way back in 1678 Isaac Newton wrote down the famous three laws of motion. Presently, these three basic rules have finally found their use in this funny game. You are presented a hands-on experience seeing these basic rules of physics being applied to the shape you have just draw. Each time you move your finger; colorful shapes appear as if they have never been more beautiful and magical than ever. If you draw a ball, it can roll over on the ground; if you draw a car, it can move downhill while carrying other shapes.