MeWantBamboo - Master Panda

MeWantBamboo - Do You Have What It Takes To Become The Master Panda?
MeWantBamboo, the hit iOS game with over 4 MILLION downloads, is now available on Android! Be a part of the MeWantBamboo phenomenon now!
See if you have what it takes to become the Master Panda in this highly addictive adventure game! Conquer the Great Wall, African Safari and even Mars by eating bamboo and flying high into the air to avoid deadly obstacles! Watch your panda grow bigger and stronger the more you play!

你將帶領著中國的國寶征服長城, 非洲野外甚至火星, 讓可愛又威猛的熊貓足跡踏遍全世界的角落!途中的新鮮竹子將讓你擁有驚人的連續彈跳與“屁密武器”!隨著挑戰時間和積分的遞增, 你可以逐漸培養你的熊貓慢慢長大, 變得更加強壯, 最後成長為一隻無敵熊貓!成為一個傳奇人物:屁王!