OneNote Mobile

在您的電腦、電話、網站或任何地方使用 OneNote
Microsoft OneNote Mobile for Android 是 Microsoft Office 提供的好用筆記應用程式,可讓您隨時隨地記下任何想法與待辦事項。
不僅能建立具有文字、圖片以及項目符號的筆記。還能建立並管理有核取方塊的待辦事項清單。建立筆記之後,您可以將筆記同步到免費的 Microsoft SkyDrive® 線上儲存空間,就可以從任何地方、電腦或大部分的網頁瀏覽器存取、編輯以及管理筆記。在 存取線上筆記。
**** OneNote Mobile for Android 免費版可讓您存取、建立以及編輯最多 500 個筆記。達到上限後,您依然可以檢視、刪除以及同步筆記。不過,若要繼續建立和編輯筆記,請透過應用程式內的購買選項來升級 OneNote Mobile for Android,以取得無限制的使用權。****

Microsoft OneNote Mobile for Android is a note-taking app for capturing all of your ideas and to-dos on the go, brought to you by Microsoft Office.

Create notes with text, pictures, and bullets. Make and manage to-do lists with checkboxes. Then keep your notes in sync using free Microsoft SkyDrive® online storage to access, edit and manage them from virtually anywhere, from your PC or almost any web browser. Access your notes online at

**** With the free version of OneNote Mobile for Android you can access, create and edit up to 500 notes. Once you reach this limit you can still view, delete, and sync your notes. To continue taking and editing notes, you can upgrade OneNote Mobile for Android to unlimited use through an in-app purchase.****