Prison Rabbit

Save your rabbit brother ,It's a good puzzle game.
"Prison Rabbit" is a nice puzzle game over 1000000 download
4.9 out of 5 amazing. - ★★★★★
by Voltage
Good game. Mabye if you keep the Updates comming i bet You guys could get this to the top25. Suggestions: make the intro more like a movie make the screen darken for a end of a slide and brighten up for the next. And mabye you could make the game a bit larger, i have a hard time seeing the game like mist games nowdays.

Game background is a story of aliens came to the village, stole all of the Carrot, several villagers speculate Final conclusion: certainly the rabbits stole! So the police arrest three hapless rabbit Immediately.
You ,the rabbit boss came to the prison, open your mind and wisdom to rescue your brother .
Methods of operation:
Drag or click on the screen with your finger can eliminate the obstacles .
Double-click to zoom in / out the screen. you can eliminate the small obstacles .
Two fingers on the screen while moving, you can see around.
Full touch screen games, easy to operate
Innovative puzzle game
The game is simple, addictive game
Funny funny game style
Cheerful background music, funny cartoon game