Saving Yello

Save Yello from his out-of-bowl terror and fling him back to safety!
"Saving Yello successfully wraps quality graphics and sound, interesting gameplay, varied power-ups, decent game physics and a cute fish into this entertaining fish-flinging game." - - ★★★★✷
Save Yello from his out-of-bowl terror!
Yello, a helpless goldfish at the mercy of his 7-year-old owner, Mathilda who loves playing with him outside his beloved bowl. You must fling Yello back to safety. Get even and destroy Mathilda's toys along the way!
Action packed physics puzzler:
√ Awesome Physics-based destruction
√ Killer power ups
√ OpenFeint
√ Play 10 cool levels of the first setting for free
√ Unlock the full version for only $0.99 including 50 hazardous levels over 3 settings
☛ Collect all the stars to enjoy many hours of challenging playtime