Tom's Love Letters

Send beautifully designed Valentine's day cards to your loved ones. Featuring Talking Tom and Angela, Tom's femme fatale.

Talking Tom is falling in love with Angela. Just a glance of her is enough to make him lose control. He tries to kiss her, he wants to hug her...

★★★ FEATURES ★★★
✔ Romantic animations of Tom kissing or hugging Angela.
✔ 9 beautifully designed romantic postcards that you can send to a loved one.
✔ 3 catchy songs you can switch between.
✔ Hours of fun and love.

★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★
✔ Touch the screen to start a kiss.
✔ Press the music button to switch songs.
✔ Press the postcard button to send loving postcards.
✔ Share your postcards via MMS, email or Facebook.

★★★ 特色 ★★★
✔ 湯姆親吻和擁抱安吉拉的浪漫動畫。
✔ 9 張設計精美的浪漫明信片,可以送給您愛的人。
✔ 3 首好聽的歌曲,可以切換。
✔ 其樂無窮,其愛濃濃。
★★★ 玩法 ★★★
✔ 觸摸屏幕,讓他們開始接吻。
✔ 按音樂按鈕切換歌曲。
✔ 按明信片按鈕發送充滿愛意的明信片。
✔ 通過彩信、電子郵件或Facebook 分享您的明信片。