Bacterium Evolution

Help the professor! Let’s start evolution and fun!
The professor has proposed his genial theory on the World Scientific Conference. But he was ridiculed and humbled by other scientists. Nevertheless the professor decided to prove his incredible theory to all the world and went to his secret laboratory. How far will he go in his madness? What creatures will he invent? Start playing and find this out!
The game is the mixture of Tetris, Bubble Blast, Jewels, Alchemy and Dr. Mario. This brain puzzle will make your mind work, but at the same time will give you great pleasure and fun!
- Awesome graphics, animation and sounds;
- Colorful and funny game characters;
- Raising difficulty of the game step by step;
- Interesting comics;
- Bonuses;
- Tablets resolutions support;
- Open feint – a large social gaming network which allows to earn rewards, beat the best record and play with your friends.
How to Play:
- Rotate the circle to choose a bacteria position;
- Touch outside the circle to move bacteria;
- Collect three bacteria of the same type to evaluate to the next type.
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