Machine Ball Shoot

Presenting seasonal themed Funghi!
New gardening kits will be added via update.
That "mushroom growing and harvesting simulator" is back!
Have "Funghi" to yourself - all 365 days of the year! (*1)
Featuring special "Funghis" which appear according to the changing of the four seasons!! (*2)
#1 "Mushroom Garden: Snow"
"Funghi" is an outdoor creature, and a spunky one!
"Funghi" traverses the white winter wonderland!
#2 "Mushroom Garden: Valentine"
A Tale of Funghi Love
The changing seasons - harbingers of new encounters and sorrowfulfarewells.
What causes Funghi’s heart to flutter so…?
<5 Special Seasonal Titles!>
Presenting "seasonal" themed Funghi!
New gardening kits will be added via update.
nnf… nnf… (Please wait once you've completed them)
Released: "Snow Mushroom Garden"
Released: "Valentine Mushroom Garden"
Next Update: Apr, 2012 (planned) "?? Mushroom Garden"
#4: Jun, 2012 (planned) "?? Mushroom Garden"
#5: Aug, 2012 (planned) "?? Mushroom Garden"

You can use points earned in "Mushroom Garden Seasons" to get "wallpaper".
Of course the wallpaper illustrations are all super rare app images.
nnf… nnf… (We're preparing wallpaper for each season)

Give the log Funghi Food and watch your Funghis sprout up!
The feeling of swiping the grown Funghis to harvest them all at once is addictive!
Be careful - grown Funghis will wither away after time!!
nnf… nnf… (Withered Funghi is inedible even if boiled or cooked)
*1: We say "365 days", but it's actually more like 300 days.
*2: We say "four seasons", but there are actually 5 titles.