Mosquito Madness

今天蚊子傾巢出動,它們餓了- 真的很餓!讓海灣中的這些蟲子和吸血鬼有趣地、狂蹦亂跳地通過拖車公園。這是個非常有趣的遊戲,由Knife Toss and Float的出色開發者出品。
通過Billy Boost開始遊戲,用昆蟲炸彈、蜜蜂mit和除顫器武裝自己,擊敗朋友,登上排行榜寶座。
- 用瘋狂的加能器升級你的角色
- 簡單的觸按和拖動控制
- Open Feint 排行榜
- 超過50個的搞笑的聲音剪輯
- 破敗的拖車公園背景

The mosquitoes are out thick today and they are hungry—REAL HUNGRY! Keep the bugs at bay and the redneck running in this funny, frantic romp through the trailer park. This is some seriously silly fun from the good folks that brought you Knife Toss and Float.

Get a kick in the pants with a Billy Boost and arm yourself with bug bombs, bee mits, and defibrillators to beat your friends to the top of the leaderboards.