Notes for ICS with Tasks sync

Notes & tasks for all Ice Cream Sandwich devices with Google Tasks sync
A notepad and to do app with both phone and tablet UI. Syncs with your existing Google account to keep your notes and tasks backed up in the cloud without requiring you to input any passwords!
*** Attention ***
If sync isn't working for you at the moment, this is not the app's fault! There are now so many users of the app that the daily limit of requests to the Google API is being reached. I have contacted Google about increasing the limit and hope to have this solved soon.
This does not affect the donate version since that uses a different API-key.
* Widget, resizeable and configurable
* Tablet optimization
* Holo theme so it matches the rest of Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich
* Synchronization with Google Tasks
* Ability to set passwords on notes
* Integration with Android Agenda Widget
* Search all your notes (not just titles)
* Share
* Select sorting method based on title or due date, ascending or descending order
* Select between three themes (two if you're running Android 3 Honeycomb)
* Change the font and text size!
Translated for:
English, German, Swedish, Czech, Russian, French, Hebrew
If you have any requests or want to report a bug, don't hesitate to contact me!
@Sciencyguy on Twitter
or through mail
Coming soon:
* Optional notifications for due dates
* Import/Export files
* Ability to hide/show list in landscape mode
This app is open source and is available online at:
Thank you for contributions:
Vovicon on reddit for making me this awesome icon
Code: jonasdieamer
German texts: WishuKaiser, Daniel, mr1338
Czech texts: Ekuler
Russian texts: OlegKrikun
Hebrew texts: ayal91
French texts: Rémi, Alexis
There is a non-free version of this app available for those who want to support me in my development. Link: