Plumber Crack

Luckily, your regular plumber couldn't make it! Meet Betty :)
With 5 million mobile downloads and the #1 Sports game in over 75 countries, Plumber Crack has taken the world by storm. Now with leader boards and over 55 Achievements, show off to your friends your awesome shooting hoop skills.
And now, just in time for those of you sick and tired of staring at a guy's back side for hours, we've hired Betty to take care of your kitchen plumbing repair needs. Sure, she's a much tougher target, but SO worth it!
Like we've said before, everybody's been there. You try to look away but you can't stop staring, and now you may not even want to. And more than ever you want to just drop something in there and see what happens...
... and you still can. More hours of just plain silly fun from the folks that brought you Office Jerk.
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