Thief Lupin!

有一款簡單、有魅力而卻有中毒性的單鍵(One-Button)遊戲, 將給您帶來無比刺激, 並給您帶來難忘的喜悅和極大的滿足感。在這裡我們給您介紹可愛而超有個性的小遊戲“怪盜魯邦”!, ***
您可以與魯邦一道征服帝國大廈, 金字塔, 德國新天鵝堡等世界著名建築物。 “怪盜魯邦”龐大而復雜的遊戲系統將激活您心中的征服欲, 一百個機關和陷阱正等著您去破解。 ,
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“怪盜魯邦是一款中毒性很強的遊戲。現在我已玩了8小時,但我就想繼續玩下去。”- 多米尼克,TouchArcade遊戲評論家 -
“再玩幾分鐘……幾分鐘,我完全陷入進去。真可愛的遊戲!!!玩了15多個舞台後我也沒能停止。”- 加百利,TouchArcade遊戲評論家-
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- 300多種超有魅力的樓層
- 充滿緊張和驚險的多種多樣遊戲模式
- 4種角色

The King of Thief 大會邀請帖
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- 新的大樓
- 新的角色

#1 TOP FREE in US, Italy, Germany, Spain, Canada, Japan, Singapore, China, Peru, Chile, Maxico, Luxembourg, Armenia, Guatemala, Colombia, Estonia, Austria, Israel, Dominican Rep. - All Games(Top 10) in 57 countries!

“Thief Lupin is an addicting game. I played the game for a well rounded 8 hours and I have to say I like it.” – By TouchArcade Game Reviewer, Dominique

“I played a bit more and more, and I well ... I LOVED IT!!! After playing around 15 floors, I couldn’t stop” – By TouchArcade Game Reviewer, Gabriel

A wise person once said, ‘In life, the most fun you have involves the simplest of things!’ Check it out, a simple, beautiful and highly addictive one button game that tests the limits of your concentration and takes you on a fun ride you will never forget: Presenting, his awesomeness, Thief Lupin—the game!

Join Thief Lupin as he scales the Empire State Building, romps the Pyramids and conquers the Neuschwanstein castle… A simple one button game, Thief Lupin game challenges you with different kinds of traps and tickles you with witty puzzles as you try to take in the majestic settings of the game.

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< Game Features >
-More than 300 unique stages
-A mind-blowing variety of various game patterns
-Four different characters

< Game Scenario >
- The King of Thieves Invitation
One fine day, a few of the world’s greatest thieves find themselves with an invitation that would practically land them on the throne! But first they have to win it.
- Only one mighty thief can sneak into the world’s most famous buildings with the top security measures and take the honor of the King of Thief. Are you the one?

< Game Play >
- Thief Lupin is simple one-button play game with touch screen controls.
- Thief Lupin has various behaviors for each floor and buildings, which lets him (the player) can sneak into the buildings with the appropriate touch control.

< Future Update >
- New buildings
- New characters