Google Drive (Google 雲端硬碟)

Get started with Google Drive for free and have all your files within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. All your files in Drive – like your videos, photos, and documents – are backed up safely so you can’t lose them. Easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

With Drive, you can:

* View documents, PDFs, photos, videos, and more
* Search for files by name and content
* Easily share files and folders with others
* Set files or folders so anyone with a link can view, comment, or edit
* Quickly access recent files
* See file details and activity
* Enable viewing of files offline

歡迎免費使用 Google 雲端硬碟,隨時隨地透過智慧型手機、平板電腦或電腦存取您的所有檔案。無論是影片、相片還是文件,您存放在雲端硬碟中的所有檔案都會安全備份,永遠不用擔心遺失重要內容。您還可以輕鬆邀請他人檢視、編輯或加上註解。
* 查看文件、PDF、相片、影片等項目
* 用名稱和內容來搜尋檔案
* 輕鬆與他人共用檔案和資料夾
* 指定檔案或資料夾共用設定,讓所有知道連結的人都能檢視、加註或編輯
* 快速找到最近使用過的檔案
* 查看檔案詳細資料與活動紀錄
* 在離線狀態也能瀏覽檔案

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