隨時隨地登入您的投資帳戶,安全無阻! 「SHKF eMO!」是新鴻基金融集團的官方流動交易應用程式,給您靈活彈性,讓您何時何地都可捉緊每個投資時機。 「SHKF eMO!」不但讓您可以透過Android流動裝置輕鬆、安全地進行股票交易,更提供不同類型的投資工具任您選用,例如模擬投資組合、監察表、到價提示、相關新聞、專業研究、圖表等 - 全部皆支援英文、繁體中文及簡體中文。 不論您是經驗豐富的投資者或只是想查詢股票價格,「SHKF eMO!」都能讓您時刻站在市場之顛緊貼市場動向。如果您已於新鴻基金融集團開立了證券交易帳戶,您便可利用自動同步功能把您的流動交易紀錄與網上帳戶實時更新。 投資涉及風險。投資者應明瞭所有投資均涉及風險,故在作出任何投資決定前,應詳細閱讀有關之風險披露聲明。 「SHKF eMO!」– 功能 - 港股帳戶管理 查看帳戶結餘 進行/取消/修改交易指令 - 股票報價 (支援實時及延遲報價) - 指數更新,包括恒生指數、恒生國企指數、道瓊斯工業平均指數及納斯達克指數 - 股價資訊查詢 - 即市外幣匯率 - 互動技術圖表 - 實時市場及股票新聞 - 專業研究 - 最活躍港股列表 - 開設及管理個人監察表 - 設定到價提示 - 開設及管理模擬投資組合 - 最新推廣資訊 - 個人化設定 - 聯絡及查詢

 "SHKF eMO!" is the official mobile trading application by Sun Hung Kai Financial, offering you the flexibility and power to seize investment opportunities while you are on the go. "SHKF eMO!" not only allows you to trade stocks easily and securely on your Android mobile devices, but it also offers a wide variety of investment tools such as Virtual Portfolio, Watch List with Price Alerts, News, Research, Charts and more – all available in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Whether you are a seasoned trader or simply just interested in checking stock prices, "SHKF eMO!" offers you the advantage of staying on top of the market wherever you are. If you already have a securities trading account with Sun Hung Kai Financial, take advantage of the automatic Sync feature to synchronise your mobile trades with your online account in real time. Investment involves risks. Investors should refer to the relevant risk disclosure statements before making any investment decision. "SHKF eMO!" – Features - Manage your Hong Kong securities account Check your balances Place/cancel/modify your trade orders - Real-time and delayed stock quotes - Indices updates for HSI, HSCEI, DJIA and NASDAQ - Search for stock information - Live forex rates - View interactive technical charts - Real-time market and stock news - Proprietary research reports - Top movers list - Create and manage a custom Watch List - Set price alerts - Create and manage Virtual Portfolio - View latest promotions - Customise settings - Contact us/Enquiry