Trearure:Beauty Shadow

嘗試下! GO!

―――The story―――
It's said that the treasure map which concealed the world's largest relics has been divided into seven pieces. They hid in the mysterious corners of The seven continents. The leading role in the game is a beautiful girl, Rabbit. In order to unlock the closed history, she comes to a maze full of gems to discover the relices of the seven continents. Use your sharp eyes and help her to collect the seven pieces of the treasure map! Let's go!

―――How to play―――
1.Story mode and challenge mode allows you to choose.
2.Swap one gem with an adjacent gem to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more gems.
3.Match four or more gems in a row can make a special gem.
4.Dirt is cleared when gems immediately adjacent to it when matched, or detonated.
5.Make special gems as more as you can. They will help you to dig faster.

The game has seven levels ( the seven continents). There are seven detail levels in every level (seven pieces of treasure map). To pass the level, you need to find the necessary things before the end of the time.
When you collect all seven pieces, you will enter a boss level. If you challenge successfully, you can get the world's largest relices and reveal the hidden chapter of history!