Bob Burnquist's Dreamland

 Bob Bob Burnquist's Dreamland is a skateboarding and adventure game that brings the skateboarder Bob Burnquist as the main character. The game showcases real life signature tricks from Bob illustrated in a cartoon like world. With a simple gameplay that is incredibly fun, the game introduces scenes and backgrounds inspired by the real Dreamland: Bob’s own Backyard.
All the individual obstacle blocks were designed by Bob, which will allow the player to make a Dream Journey into the mind of one of the best and most creative skateboarders of all time.
The main objective of the game is to complete each level with the best performance possible. The player will be evaluated by each level completed, and the more tricks, combos, collection of items and height in jumps, the better the final score. There are 3 different levels of evaluation. Sweet! , Rad! and Awesome! .
A lot more is yet to come in the coming months: Updates bringing you new ramp designs, tricks, environment and other changes for more fun and entertainment to the fans of the game around the World.
• A simple gesture on the screen in any direction will be enough to perform any trick

• Includes Bob Burnquist signature tricks like the fakie to fakie 900, Front flips and many more 

• And just like Bob, it will be possible to land your tricks Switch 

• A great number of achievements to unblock through a wide range of challenges 

• Several ramp combinations and obstacles to overcome

• New packets with new ramp combinations are yet to come, like loops, Vert ramps, corkscrews and more 

• OpenFeint and Leaderboards
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