Crash Course 3D: ICE

Crash Course is a fast-paced arcade space shooter. Anaglyph 3D glasses support!
"Crash Course almost belongs on another console altogether, making it a small victory to get to play a game this beautiful and exciting game on the go." by Andrew Nesvadba / - ★★★★★
"Thanks to James Cameron 3D is all the rage right now and it seems some app developers are jumping onto the bandwagon. 'Crash Course' is an Asteroids style game that implements 3D for those that want it." by Chris Thomas /
"Crash Course : le shoot qui ramasse la mise" by iMike, Bebop / - 9/10
"Crash Course is a very fun game, with lots of ways to play."
by Richy / - ★★★★★
"A well-executed iPhone homage to an innovative twin-stick arcade shooter." by Ryan Hewson / - ★★★★
"The graphics in this game are immensely great. The planets are well rendered with amazing fog effects in the atmosphere and well rendered enemies to match. Even with all these graphical effects, the game plays extremely smoothly on my second generation iPod touch."
Jacques Burdet / - ★★★★
- Swarms of asteroids and hordes of deadly enemies.
- 3 fully upgradeable spectacular weapons.
- Stunning visual effects.
- Online high scores.
- Casual, Arcade and Survival game modes.
- Customizable graphical details.
- 3D anaglyph glasses support. RED/CYAN, GREEN/MAGENTA.
They came from deepest space. A massive armada of alien vessels hidden amongst a cluster of asteroids. Their targets: vulnerable human colonists situated on unprotected planets. You are the only ship in the area capable of destroying the alien armada and saving the humans. Are you up for the challenge?
"Crash Course" is a fast-paced arcade space shooter. It is similar to the classic "Asteroids" titles.