Dragon Park

Help guard your Kingdom’s treasure with Dragons to keep out the evil Trolls! Dragons are waiting for you to arrive! Help guard your Kingdom’s treasure by buying and training dragons to keep out evil Trolls! AWESOME FEATURES INCLUDE: - Collecting dragons to protect your treasure - Training & growing your dragons with the help of Wizards in the art of different elements - Battling evil trolls by picking the right dragons with the right combination of elements - Expanding your kingdom into the forest where the trolls live - Decorating your Kingdom to keep the residents happy - Android tablet support - Works on Android 2.2+ - It’s FREE to download! See why millions of customers just can’t wait for the next Pocket Gems release and download this game for free today! Keywords: free, game, dragons, trolls, train, build, elements, fire, water, earth, battle Privacy Policy: http://pocketgems.com/privacy