最新足球動態、比分直播、獨家專訪,一切盡在您的手機 Goal.com 創辦於2004年,是全世界首屈一指的足球門戶網站。它旗下在世界範圍內擁有22種版本,超過500名編輯來報導足球運動。每個月都有1900萬名來自不同地區的用於登錄其中。 Goal.com 在不同語言環境下都會提供最新動態,獨家專訪,轉會追踪,現場直播​​和各種服務。無論在何時何地,無論是聯賽杯賽還是重大賽事,Goal.com 都會提供最全面、最深入的報導。 Goal.com Mobile App 現在支持13種語言,擁有了全新的功能,使得用戶可以用最佳方式進行閱讀。它輕便而且易於操作,提供用移動電話式的全新閱讀體驗。 Goal.com Mobile App對於菜單進行了更新,提供的更多的選項,可以按照用戶的喜好定制內容(例如:英超、意甲、曼聯、皇馬、魯尼、卡卡…), 使得球迷們能在每一時刻都與自己心儀的球星/球隊保持零距離。 產品特點: . 提供最新足球動態、高品質圖片 . 用10種語言直播全世界各大賽事 . 全世界重要聯賽的積分榜 . 全新'我的球隊'的菜單和內容– 全世界數百支球隊的最新動態盡在掌握 . 及時更新的轉會專區 . 及時的微博更新 . 定期自動更新,使得app 工具只要保持打開就會呈現最新內容

 Goal.com is the only truly worldwide voice when it comes to football. Founded in 2004, Goal.com now has 22 editions and 500 reporters around the world, as well as 19 million unique monthly users made up of fans from every country on earth. Goal.com offers local coverage of all the latest developments including breaking news, exclusive interviews, transfer gossip, live commentary and much more. Whatever and wherever the story is, Goal.com offers the most comprehensive and expert coverage of the major domestic leagues and competitions, as well as all the major international tournaments. Goal.com Mobile App is now available in 13 languages and has brand new features, making it the best way to follow all the major stories as they unfold. Simple and easy to navigate, supporting an optimized reading experience from your mobile device, the app brings its content to life with photo-rich articles and constant updates, even when it’s not in use. The app has updated menus, more sections than ever and is packed full of content on the world’s top tournaments such as the Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and the star players featuring in them like Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Wayne Rooney. Fans will now be even closer to the action and can stay connected to the beautiful game 24/7. 1. Instant, real-time access to the latest Goal.com content including news, exclusive interviews, player profiles and team fixtures 2. Live scores, allowing users to follow Goal.com’s match commentary across 10 of the world’s most popular leagues 3. No need to manually update; your application automatically refreshes with the latest news even when not in use 4. Ability to read and access content offline whether fans are on a plane, subway or in a meeting without network connection, and save stories for later reading 5. Customize your app through the ‘My Teams’, meaning specific content relating to hundreds of clubs around the world can be found quicker 6. Share content via email or through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook