Panda vs Bugs

Panda vs Bugs the game that has an unbelievable success reaches Android. Almost 2 millions of people have Panda vs Bugs on their phones and it seems like they are absolutely happy with the game. Sunny day… Green Forest … Lovely Panda, enjoying the life… and … BUGS, BUGS, BUGS! Bugs climb the trees all the time. Bugs try to sting the Lovely Panda. They appear from nowhere with the only aim – to hurt. But our Panda is not a weakling! Our Panda is a true warrior! Do you want to know how to help the lovely animal? Here you go! The principles of the game are the following: - Panda can try to escape from bugs, it can move from tree to tree and from one side of the trunk to another. If it is above the insects a player can make it slide down and kill the bugs with Panda’s bottom. - A player should keep in mind that the number of bugs and their speed is growing all the time!!! - Every killed bug brings a point, but if a bug manages to sting Panda, it will fall down from a tree and a player will lose one life. Features: - original idea; - exceptional graphics; - excellent animation; - funny sound; - get social with OpenFeint Leaderboard! Help Panda, clean the forest from Bugs! =) People like Panda vs Bugs “Very good game!!!!:) This game is an amazing game of no limit time. Thank you” Damian15576, October 23, 2011 “It’s nice Amazingly cool app. I can play it the whole my working time” santa monica-33576, October 10, 2011 “Fabulous game So cute panda. What is more the game itself is perfectly made I would rather say its excellent job” armany jeans, October 07, 2011 ***** Have Fun! ***** If you like this app - please leave a good review. If you don't like it, please contact us first and we will be able to fix your problem for you! ~~ With Love, Your TSV =) ~~