SCAWAR Space Combat

 Blast your way through hordes of alien scum in this high octane space shooter! A beautiful piece of arcade symphony of colors, action and sophisticated art of destruction! Blast your way through multitude of exotic galaxies filled with aggressive aliens threatening the existence of the rest of the human race. SCAWAR Space Combat is a heavy piece of ground shaking alien blasting action. Enjoy yourself in high-intensity adventure of saving the universe from a twisted race in a quest through 20 levels! Squash the alien onslaught and dominate the epic boss battles! High octane music, rich graphics and particle effects and intuitive tilt controls take SCAWAR Space Combat way above the rest! Collecting gems allows you to upgrade your weaponry and ship. First 10 levels are free. With just 0,99€ you can unlock another 10 levels and remove all advertisements! Unlock achievements and compete with friends on global scoreboards. --- REVIEWS --- "High Quality Space Shooter with Tilt Controls", "It's epic and it's free!" - "This is an excellent and very beautiful game" -