你能譽滿天下成為超級明星麼?也許在你奔向成功、變身明星的道路上會發生不少預期之外的事情,閒談、調情、謊言、爭鬥和相當份量的努力! 躋身銀幕展現過人才華、參與節目贏得千萬粉絲!從初來乍到怀揣理想準備開創一番事業的無名氏,到財富聲譽名至實歸的國際巨星,這一切不再是夢,這一切都將在《超級明星》中實現! -引領前沿風尚,打造頂級巨星-用最時尚的服裝和最潮流的飾物,隨心定制您的替身角色。 -隨身樂賞星工廠,隻手玩轉好萊塢-出入高檔會所,光顧豪華酒店,擁有富麗奢侈的山莊、海景豪宅,在世界頂尖的影視工作室內錄製拍攝。 -星途漫漫勤為徑,傾國傾城美譽收:努力工作贏取5星評價、超凡讚譽和更多FANS們的喜愛,目標就是躋身A級天王巨星行列! -約會明星名流,高調享樂人生:在最高檔的各類場所聚會各方名流,積極融入上層社會!居奢華豪宅、伴珍禽奇寵,逍遙快活! -夢幻星工廠,真實玩家秀:遊戲中您既可以邀請真實好友參與特別聚會或友情客串,也可與許多真實玩家比拼替身角色的人氣高下! * * *《超級明星》是一款免費遊戲。遊戲過程中,您可支付現金購買額外的遊戲金錢及星星(遊戲內貨幣),或是通過特別獎賞得到它們。若需鎖定遊戲內購買功能,請及時調整您的設備設置* * * 《超級明星》 2011 (C)

Blammo Games Inc. Can you reach the A-List? Schmooze, flirt, lie, fight – and maybe even work – your way to STARDOM! From getting off the bus as a nobody to accepting an award as an international superstar, get rich and famous by starring in movies and TV shows and winning over fans. - Customize your star look with the latest styles and hottest accessories! - Hollywood in your hands – complete with exclusive clubs, upscale restaurants, movie studios and more - Work on-set to earn a 5-star performance, rave reviews, and more fans - Date and dump celebrities, party at the best venues, and live it up in a luxury home with your exotic pets - Invite friends to exclusive parties, have them co-star in your projects, or check the Top 100 to see who’s more famous FOLLOW US: Twitter @GluMobile * * * Stardom: The A-List is free to play. Players can purchase additional Cash and Stars (the in-game currencies) for real money, or earn currency through special offers. Please adjust your device settings if you wish to lock out the ability to purchase in-game content * * * Stardom: The A-List 2011 (C) Blammo Games Inc. Blammo, Glu, G-man and Stardom: The A-List are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blammo Games Inc. and/or Glu Mobile Inc. in the US and/or in various countries. Use of this software is subject to Glu’s terms of use located at and privacy policy located at . Recent changes: • Make your mark in NYC! Go to the airport if level 14+! • Earn stars after inviting your friends into your very own ENTOURAGE. • Date famous or rich celebs to get more fans or cash! • NEW DATING LEVELS from “casual” to “engaged”! • Tons of new NYC-style CLOTHING and accessories for both guys and girls! • Tons MORE FANS available, & no more losing fans automatically every day! • INVITE FRIENDS from Facebook & get free stars! • Levels 25 & 26 added. • Countless other fixes & improvements