SunPhos graphically predicts sun path from dusk to dawn, on any given day, in any given place. It provides valuable information like day length, sun rise & sun set, golden hour, twilight and more. Chosen as one of the Top 50 Apps by Android Police. SunPhos is ideal for: * Real Estate Buyers - for finding the sun exposure of properties you are considering * Gardeners - for finding optimal planting locations for current and seasonal solar exposure * Photographers & Cinematographers - for planning optimal light conditions * Architects - for getting a feel for the spatial variability of the solar angle throughout the year * All Sun Lovers! To find the sun, even when it is hidden by clouds or walls Get lucky with the light now with SunPhos. Main Features: - Search Sun Track: You can select the location where you would like the sun by tapping on the map - Search Sun Position: Track sun path during the chosen day in specific location whatever through GPS or searching. - View Modes: Satellite View or Map View for optimum visualization. and bookmark you favorite locations - Day Report: Find Valuable information about any given location, including, Day length, Sun rise, Sun set, Golden hours, sunrise start/end, sunset start/end, Twilight, civil dawn/dusk, astronomical dawn/dusk and nautical dawn/dusk. Get in touch with us: