Bonnie's Brunch

★The BEST foodie/time managment game! Join us right now!^O^★
★Bonnie’s Brunch for Android is available now!!!★
Super Fun! - ★★★★★ (USA)
It's definitely more challenging than I expected it to be, and it starts out that way instead of waiting until the games halfway over. This is a must have. (by Lobster34)
I love it! ★★★★★ (UK)
This game is so cute, fun and addictive, but a little hard to find as I LOVE games like this and most of the games people make to do with cafès and serving food is rubbish. PLEASE keep making games like these, we need this game to get in the charts IT'S AMAZING! (by magicsheep)
Géant ★★★★★ (France)
Accro à ce jeu. Il est très bien fait, beau graphisme et rapide. J adore (by Meli_mess)
Nice game ★★★★★ (USA)
As someone who is extremely obsessed with Time management games, I can say that I really do enjoy this game. It is so adorable!!! X3 (by Vynne-sama)
Soo cute ★★★★★ (USA)
This is an adorable and incredibly fun!!! Get it!! You've GOT TO GET ITTT!!!! (by Kakookie)
Love it! ★★★★★ (Australia)
I have to say this is the BEST foodie/time managment game I've played! The cartoon graphics are awesome and the food looks so tasty :D Hope there will be more updates and maybe even a sequel. Kudos to the creators of this game! (by 16267)
Bonnie's brunch! - ★★★★★ (Singapore)

Ever dreamed of running your own food truck? Or traveling to the places you've always dreamed about?
Here's the story of Bonnie, a young bright-eyed girl, with a talent for cooking and a love of travel and adventure. One fateful birthday, her grandfather presented her with a gift that combined her two passions. A brunch truck! And so began her dream adventure, traveling all over the world with one brunch spot at a time.
Want to help Bonnie to cook her delicious brunch specials? Want to meet interesting people around the globe? Let's jump in with Bonnie and start the brunch truck journey together!

- Easy to play food making dash game
- Fun filled chapters with 50 levels
- Fun and easy gameplay with storyline style tutorials
- Diverse food creation and interesting levels challenging your speed and accuracy
- Meet interesting people and travel to distant cities
- And of course, cook up some brunch!