O2Jam Hero

Let's be a hero band to save the planet!!
Don't Stop the Music!
Save galaxy 'Muracle' in dangerous!!
Make your own band with beloved Girls to against 'Ohm' in the battle.
Fantastic space named O2 planet in galaxy Muracle where everyone can be happy in Music has been invaded by Ohm from Zeracle with Law frequency power.
But, There is still hope.
The only way to against 'Ohm' is a playing music with generating O2 robot named 'O2mo'. Build up your experience by playing music and performance to against 'Ohm'.
Let's be a hero band to save the planet!!
Now, save O2 Planet with undisputed hero power!!

♪Fantastic Feature♪
1. Graphic Color Carze!
Ultimately different from ordinary battle RPG!
Fancy and Clear colored graphic with rhythmical and cheerful characters!

2. Super Heroes!!
Now, variety bands are in the waiting for you.
Each character has unique abilities.
You can check this out right now!
3. Dynamic battle with a low frequency monster 'Ohm'!!
Acquire experience and O2 by a battle with other bands.
The outcome of battle is decided by instruments, costumes and fans of yours!!
4. Play with friends!!
Now you can play O2jam with your friends!
Add more friends, become more powerful band!
- If you hire Spy fan, you can explore to learn the opponent's strengthen
5. You are a real music businessman!
You can continuously make profits by producing albums and making fans.

6. O2jam with O2
Therapist - Recover immediately your health by O2
-O2 is built up by activities in the game: Purchasing items, Battle and Businesses.
Civilization War
Nuclear War