Star War

The game includes five game scenarios to provide more than 20 campaign missions, seven kinds of unique gain props, 16 different enemy types. Game has many different methods of operation. A variety of game modes to believe will give you a different game feeling.

This is a biological war between a planet from extraterrestrial biological control of the evil spirit brain, they attempt to dominate the universe, so the first step is the occupation of the Earth. Star Wars imminent.

At the same time collusion with the evil forces and bad forces of the Earth, the Earth facing life and death crisis, so a global battle to defend this prelude.

Justice to protect the Earth and the alien in space with a life and death struggle, and ultimately who will win?

The game screen is vivid, the plot exciting, the players will be in person on the scene in Star Wars feel.

So what? Put on your Superman jersey to defeat the evil spirits to save the planet!

Game Features
√ classic play - you relive the classic;
√ straightforward operation - to challenge your eyesight and agility;
√ classic pattern - the pattern one hundred of the various modes of transfer Guozu Yin;
√ game rankings - Who is the Star Wars of the king;
√ challenge levels - a variety of challenging levels, more incentives;

√經典玩法 — 帶你重溫經典;
√爽快操作 — 挑戰你眼力及敏捷度;
√經典模式— 各種模式花樣百出讓你過足癮;
√遊戲排名 — 誰是星球大戰的王者;
√挑戰關卡— 多種挑戰關卡,更多獎勵;